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Finally…a Democrat Tells the Truth

April 6, 2010

Illinois Representative Phil Hare (D) was recently asked a question “where in the Constitution does it give Congress the authority to make us buy health insurance?”….he responded “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this”…..(Well, we all knew most of the Dems scrapped the Constitution long ago, but now they are finally admitting the truth)

AND….. I guess that wouldn’t present a problem, except for the fact that he took an oath to protect and defend that same Constitution “without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion”….

When the people around him start giving him a hard time for saying this, he responds “I believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”…..he is again corrected and told “that’s the Declaration of Independence“…

He also says he read the Health Care Bill 3 times….it’s 2700 pages…3 times!!!

Hard to believe…..the Constitution is only 8 pages…..and it doesn’t appear that he’s graced its pages even once…..

*A couple of weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi said that we needed to pass the Health Care Bill to know what was in it….

*Just this week, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), said that he was concerned about the U.S. stationing 8,000 of our military in Guam because the small island might get overpopulated and “tip over” and “capsize”

Well, Mr. Johnson, I say that as long as you can keep the same number of people on each side of the island, it should be fine…..we’ll cross our fingers that they don’t all run over to one side…

Seriously, is this “Who’s the dumbest Democrat in Congress” month?


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