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Obama says we should be “thanking him”….so here goes….

April 16, 2010

President Obama said yesterday that instead of protesting, the American people should be thanking him…

uh…(REALLY didn’t see that one coming)….er…um….ok….here is my letter of THANKS to the President:

To Our Dear Reader….er…I mean Leader:

You expressed your outrage that we are protesting you. You said we should be THANKING you instead…..

You know, you are right. I was always taught to give credit where it is due…so here goes….

First of all, THANK YOU for robbing my children for many years to come by putting this country in to more debt than ALL of your predecessors COMBINED. I am so grateful for that and I am sure that they will be when they are old enough to understand.

And THANK YOU for bowing to every enemy we have under the sun and treating our allies and friends (Great Britain/Israel) with the most contempt. THANK YOU for turning your back on Israel, which is a no-no to Christians everywhere…even though our nation has been continually blessed BECAUSE of our unwavering support of Israel (God said to Abraham, father of Israel: I will BLESS those who bless you and CURSE those who curse you)….THANK YOU for pointing out that Israel is so wretched as to want to actually build in their OWN capital, Jeruselem. How evil of Israel to not want to divide Jeruselem into 2, giving half to the Palestinians.

Speaking of the Palestinians, thank you for giving them (the enemy of our ally, Israel) millions of dollars of our tax money to help them to fight Israel….so kind of you….

THANK YOU for forcing me to buy health insurance. I mean, I know that decision should NOT be left up to me….after all, you care so much more for my health than I do….just like you care for the health of the unborn babies… so much that you voted to provide a room for the babies born alive after an intended abortion to go to die….. instead of being thrown in a trash can. That was so great of you, even though you got miffed that a nurse had the nerve to ask you to provide those babies with medical attention and a doctor….you basically told her “we gave them a room to die, what more do you want?” THANK YOU for trying to get her to see the light….

Speaking of abortions, THANK YOU for forcing me to pay for them even though I am adamantly against murder….I mean, I am so heartless and stingy by nature that I would NEVER give my own money to pay for someone’s abortion….good thing you have the “power” to steal it from me….

THANK YOU for making this nation and the world see what a wonderful religion Islam is and how “peaceful” they are….now, if we could just get those Amish quit blowing themselves up and to quit causing problems on airplanes….sheesh….

Speaking of Islam, THANK YOU for making see that even though our country has come so far in fighting for the equal rights of women, that we MAY have gone a bit too far….for that Religion of Peace (Islam) that you speak so highly of… encourages the men to beat their wives and even kill them if they misbehave…oh not to mention forcing children/little girls to marry grown men…..boy the Christians in American really missed the boat on how wonderful and fulfilling life can be….

Also, THANK YOU for being sure to point out the errors in our Constitution….I mean, before you said anything, I thought it was USA’s best export….having lasted over 200 years…..longer than any other EVER in the HISTORY of the WORLD….oh well, all good things must come to an end.

Oh and THANK YOU for clearing up your views on gun control. I mean after you signed that questionaire where you were asked “Do you support a ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns?” You’re answer was simply, YES. I mean, after that, I thought for sure that I knew where you stood on gun control, but since then, when trying to get elected, you SAID you are pro-gun…well, the spoken word out rules anything you may have put your SIGNATURE to….right??? Silly me!

Oh and you said we should THANK YOU for cutting our taxes this last year. Well, THANK YOU…uh…even though my taxes went up and I have paid more in and am bringing home less and I know of no other person who had their taxes cut, it’s probably just us…we are just too stupid to see all the extra money flowing in….

THANK YOU for using my tax dollars to bail out GM…A FAILED auto company. For years I avoided purchasing GM vehicles because I thought if people didn’t purchase them, then the company would be forced to make their cars as well-made as other companies or else go out of business. But, well, looky there….my money STILL went to help save the company….and they didn’t go under….THANK YOU…for setting the example that no one should EVER BE ALLOWED TO FAIL….

THANK YOU….for setting me straight again when you announced that babies are a punishment. Again, I had thought all this time that my children were the greatest blessings in my life….what is wrong with me???

THANK YOU for continuing to defend and support PLANNED PARENTHOOD….here, all along, I thought they were a racist organization that was created to curb the black population (well, the PP founder referred to the blacks as the undesirables)…but, since we have a BLACK president supporting them, then surely she meant something else…or some other group of people….surely….

THANK YOU….for forcing our troops in Afghanistan to change their rules of engagement….and when in combat, denying them artillery and air support, unless they are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that no civilians are anywhere around….and If any civilians appear where we meet the Taliban, our troops are to “break contact”….and….to retreat. THANK YOU for pointing how to me how much more valuable Afghan citizens lives are than American civilians (i.e. 9/11)….and helping me to see that by killing the Taliban, we are saving American lives, but that is not WHAT WE’RE THERE FOR…(I’ll get back to you when I figure out then, why we ARE there)….but uh….THANK YOU, because I’m sure you are right, somehow….

Another THANK YOU for helping me to see how EVIL the word “victory” is….you said you didn’t really like that word when talking about us winning in Afghanistan, because it reminded you of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…the 2 events that ENDED WORLD WAR II…saving countless lives in the process and thus making the U.S. and her allies “victorious”….uuggghhh…nasty word that “VICTORY” is…..gonna have to remember to tell my son not to use the “v” word when winning at sports or anything…

And a whole hearted THANK YOU….these last couple of years, the students in my classes have been more interested in history, the constitution, the economy, and current events than ever before! I have never seen so many 13-17 year olds counting down the days until they can vote (and VOTE YOU OUT, sir)…..

And, I used to get frustrated because everday people (non-politicians) were so cynical about politics and could care less. It would especially frustrate me when the Christians, and hard working Americans were too busy to involove themselves in the matters of our great nation…protesting, campaigning, voting, reading the Constitution….but THANK YOU….for reviving hope and patriotism and getting them out of their zombie like states and off the couch to go out and rally for our country!!!! THANK YOU! even if they are doing it to get you as far removed from office as possible….


There is so much more to thank you for…as you work ENDLESSLY to CHANGE this great country….I know I only scratched the surface….but I just wanted to let you know how “THANKFUL” that I am…

P.S. The average everyday person who doesn’t watch you closely may be ignorant to all the things you’ve said and done and may give you a pass based on your skin color, they are intimidated by you, or they may cling to the idea that “those horrible things could never happen here”….but I will WATCH you and I will dissect every move you make and document EVERY communist connection you have from your childhood mentor who was a member of the Communist Party USA to your Voo-Doo practicing mother-in-law practicing her devil religion on OUR White House…no matter how many records you have wiped clean, web pages you have scrubbed, or Kenyan leaders you threaten who “take back” what they said about you being born in Kenya.

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  1. madjillmom permalink

    Great Post. You must be one of those redneck, racist Tea Party types that is akin to Timothy McVeigh according to Bill Clinton. Our president is very smug.

  2. roger murphy permalink

    I wonder if we could get Jimmy Fallon to do these same ‘thank yous’ lol

  3. Dan permalink

    Great articles and I appreciate your honest replies to the topics. Keep up the positive truths. May God bless us all. Thank you,Dan.

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