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Giving a little “peace” of my mind…

April 28, 2010

It is a little after midnight and here I sit. Typing away at my computer while my my 15 month old plays here in the study. I figure I’ll let him play and wear himself out because all the rocking and singing in the world will not get him to sleep. (Neither does begging and crying)….

He has been playing with one of the little plastic tubes that holds 35mm film and the lid is not all the way snapped down and for the last 15 minutes he has been desperately trying to snap it back on. He has even thrown it against the wall a couple of times. I call him to me saying “if you will come over here to me, I will help you. “

And he looks at me and grins because babies like to here their mama’s voice….and he gets up and toddles this way and I will say “thank you or give it to me” and he holds the tube so tight, afraid to let it go. I reach out my hand and he starts to put the lid in there, but then he pulls away. I know he thinks I am going to take it from him and not give it back. He wants so desperately for me to snap the lid shut, but he won’t let it go…

He can’t do it himself…. It’s too difficult for his little pudgy fingers, but he knows I can, or at least he is pretty sure I can. And I coax. He walks away with the tube in hand and still tries to snap it closed himself. Frustration drives him back to me a couple more times. He finally sets it up on the desk and pulls his hand away and looks at me with pleading eyes. I go to grab it and he snatches it away and takes off.

Banging it on the wall doesn’t work. Hitting it with a ruler doesn’t work. What is so funny is that for such a simple little plastic tube, it is so important to him. Very. No one else cares about it, but he wants to play with it and he wants the lid snapped. I would normally throw the thing in the trash but seeing how much he likes it, it is now important to me.

And I really want to snap that lid back on for him so it will be whole again and he can have fun playing with it……

Finally one last time he walks to me, after he’s tried everything else and drops it in my lap. I snap the lid back on and hand it to him and he is the happiest baby in the world right now.

He could have been the happiest baby in the world 20 minutes ago if he would have trusted me with it then….

And I think.


Funny, how God uses children to teach us simple lessons.

There He is. Waiting. Patient. Softly calling my name. Coaxing me. I have my problem(s) and they are too big for me, but I still try to solve them. Still try to fix them. And it’s so hard. But so easy for Him….if I would drop it at his feet and walk away…


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  1. Cassie Loftin Holland permalink

    Jill, this is awesome. I have never thought of those little battles I have with my children this way. It is sooo true. Thank you for this. By the way, I have a very independent 16 month old myself. The 3 year old is a little easier to help.

  2. Mac permalink

    Wisdom lies in the simple things. Glad we are both learning that. 🙂

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