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How NOT to Honor our Troops…

September 13, 2012

How NOT to honor our troops.

If that were a college course, it would be taught by the experts, DEMOCRATS.

Because of all the things they screw up, which is A LOT of things, the one thing they consistently get right is dishonoring our troops.

And in keeping with their spotless record, they did it again at their recent “Abortion-Palooza” Convention.

The fact that they took a break from the abortion love fest to even honor the veterans for a few moments was shocking enough. I’m sure it shocked all those in attendance also…I mean that’s a whole lot of Americana for a Democrat to digest. It must have been difficult to see all those American flags at one time and resist the urge to burn one.

So when several veterans were called on stage for a tribute, I’m sure the Democrats in the audience were too stressed out to notice the backdrop. A HUGE HONKIN picture of some very large and impressive warships… but, something wasn’t quite right….

You see, sometimes when you get a hurry to do something, like show someone up, you make GINORMOUS mistakes. The Democrats obviously hadn’t planned this very far ahead of time and threw this little “tribute“ together at the last minute. They saw an opportunity to show up the Republicans, because as they pointed out 787 THOUSAND times, Mitt Romney had not talked about the troops enough in his RNC speech a few days earlier. So now was their chance to prove that Democrats are the party that REALLY love the troops.

So who figured out the problem with the picture?

One of those veterans they were honoring….

How did he know?

Because he recognized the ships because they were identical to the ones he had FOUGHT AGAINST in the Cold War Era….

They were SOVIET warships….

Yep, the Democrats honored the Veterans by putting a huge picture of the enemy’s warships behind them on stage.

And there is no excuse really…. If they needed help finding a picture of UNITED STATES Naval ship, all they had to do was get President Obama to ask a CORPSE man.   He’s an expert on all things military…. see?

So… in summary, what we know is…

Ships shown during the Democratic National Convention were Communist.

But hey, so were most of the people there.



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  1. Jim permalink

    Jill, I also thought this was a classic moment as well.

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