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February 4, 2013

I have a confession to make.

Right after the election in November, I needed a break from politics.

So, I did what 80% of Americans do ALL THE TIME and stuck my head in the sand.

Why? Because I like my sanity. Or least what there is left of it, and I needed a break.

Plus, I wanted to pout and feel sorry for myself/my family/my country for a while.

AND my attitude was well, crap if over 50% of Americans want a Commie in the White House, then have at it. You deserve what you get morons.

However, I didn’t intend to stay in ignorant bliss for very long, because, you know, politics is my thing…

But Thanksgiving happened, then an emergency hospital visit with my kid happened, then my mom decided to have a heart attack, and then a 12 hour road trip happened to check on her, then Christmas happened, then an emergency surgery on me happened, and all the while people are emailing me asking me about what’s going on in politics and I have no clue…because, that was the last thing on my mind. I mean even when my hubby mentioned anything political, I literally stuck my fingers in my ears and started saying “la la la I can’t hear you…not listening…”

It was nice. But, then mid January, I started feeling guilty…for ignoring my country and my friends who depend on me to do the dirty work and filter all things political and give them the low down. So…by the time I pulled my head out of the sand, it was the inauguration and well, THAT was NOT the place I wanted to start, so I promptly planted my cranium right back where it had been for 2.5 months… I mean, I couldn’t have handled it. It would have been the like someone eating 5 hotdogs in 100 degree heat and then immediately attempting to run a marathon. It’s too much too soon and you won’t be far into it before you start puking.

So by that time, I figured, “what the heck, January is shot”, So I decided to start fresh with a new month and since playing the race card is all the rage now days, I figured black history month was as good a place to start as any.

I am going to resume covering all things political. But you have to understand. It won’t be the same. I have a new attitude boys and girls.

I refuse to be depressed about it. I have decided to embrace it… instead of explaining why commie loving, American hating crapbags are WRONG about EVERYTHING, I am going to start looking at it like I look at reality tv.

And by reality tv, I mean the Bachelor. Which means that while I can’t help myself by yelling at the TV “YOU ARE NOT IN LOVE AFTER 3 HOURS” and “YEA, THAT’S A TRAINWRECK WAITING TO HAPPEN”…I know that they can’t hear me and my frustration does absolutely nothing to fix anything that is wrong with the mentality of those people, but it’s entertaining as heck and I can mock them with a clear conscience. So it shall be with politics. Besides, politics is SO much more entertaining, plenty of crazies to go around and there is more material to work with…

I will simply summarize and/or recap the politic events of the week…of course, I’ll offer my 3 cents. Or 4. Or 5 every now and then, depending on what the situation calls for…. But, be warned, I will only pick the most interesting/scandalous topics… I would cover the boring stuff except I don’t like boring stuff.   So there.


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  1. I am sorry to hear of all those emergencies that you had to suffer through, but I sense that you made full use of your God-given self-reliance and never once accepted a red cent of Gubmint money (Medicare, Medicaid,Social Security) or any of that kind of stuff to get you through and if that is the case, I very much admire such a truly conservative spirit of self-sufficiency. It is inspirational.

  2. Johnnie McHan permalink

    I missed you—sorry for the many bumps in your road. Hope your Mother is doing well and you are healing also. NOW, get back out there and help U.S. So enjoy your messages. I am referring you to my grown children.

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