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The One Where Obama is a Cowboy and Shockingly, Not the Brokeback Mountain Kind

February 11, 2013

It’s one thing when liberals TALK about things they know absolutely NOTHING about….(the Bible, guns, the Constitution, math, the military, history, freedom, etc)… But, when they actually photoshop/photograph themselves participating in the things they know nothing about, it’s pure GOLD. Every. Time.

So, we’ll begin this week’s recap of all things political with this jewel.

Obama tries to convince America that he’s not trying to take your guns by photographing himself “skeet shooting”…

What is it with liberals trying to make us think they “also believe in” many of the things that good, down-home, patriotic Americans believe in, using a photo-op.

John Kerry tried to convince us he was an Astronaut by dressing like a dork and floating around in an orbiter at NASA.  FAIL.

Michael Dukasis tried to convince us he supports the military by sporting a toddler bicycle helmet and riding around in a “tank”.  FAIL.

Bill Clinton tried to convince us he supports monogamy in marriage by…. oh… wait… no he didn’t. Not ever. See that’s the thing about Wild Bill…. At least he keeps it real.

Back to Skeet Shooter-N-Chief …

You know, we should all listen to him when it comes to all things gun related because he’s an obvious expert at skeet shooting.  ‘Cause everyone knows that you shoot skeet at eye level.

In your mom jeans.


He looks as natural skeet shooting as he did throwing a baseball. Or Pledging Allegiance. Or declaring his love for America.

But, eh, nice try.

However, if you’re trying to do a photo-op to prove you go “shooting all the time”… and you pose… and someone hands you a gun and says “hold it here and here Mr. President and when the camera is ready we’ll say go and you shoot……that means pull the trigger….no, no, the trigger is here.  Yea just squeeze that and we’ll provide the smoke effects coming out of the barrel” …then I guess you could say the photo is a success.

I know I’m convinced.

SPOILER ALERT: Next week Obama attempts to defend The Constitution.   KIDDING!!!



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  1. Johnnie McHan permalink

    Love this and it is so true.

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