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Every time Sarah Palin Tweets, a Liberal Loses their Marbles

July 8, 2013

So….the other day I noticed this tweet from Sarah Palin on my Twitter feed:

Sarah Palin Tweet

Cool, I thought, I’ll retweet.

But, then I noticed SEVERAL replies that were nasty and/or mocking and…well, you know, the typical liberal tyrade when it comes to Sarah Palin.

However, when I saw this one, my blood boiled. Not because someone was a jerk, but because it was a so called journalist. A journalist, who, instead of actually being a reporter and reporting what is going on in the country (and there is PLENTY), decides to dig deep and scratch the bottom of the barrel (FOUR YEARS back), for an oldie insult on Sarah Palin…. who was IRONICALLY doing the job this reporter SHOULD have been doing.


And, well…you know me… I couldn’t resist…


Of course, I wasn’t alone. There were several others who pretty much ate this journalist for lunch…

Ahem….let me pause right here and say that as I was typing this blog post, I stopped right at this point and was trying to find a link to an article outlining this woman’s obsession with Palin. Then, I inadvertantly clicked a Twitchy link and BEHOLD the very link I clicked had an article on this whole thing AND I got a TWITCHY SHOUT OUT!! (my tweet mentioned on Twitchy)

WOOT WOOT! (Does anyone say “woot woot!” anymore? No? ok..)

You can find the article with my twitchy mention HERE

And well, now I have totally forgotten about the original article, but there’s no need for it because that Twitchy post explains it well…

But, that’s not all! There’s more! Liberal derangement is the gift that keeps on giving…

I feel like I’m in an infomercial.

This woman clearly needs help because after SHE started the Twitter feud thingy, and received a buttload of backlash, she comes up with this tweet:


I’m not even kidding….dealing with liberals…yea, it’s like that.

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