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Earth Day Facts That Your Child’s School WON’T Teach Them

April 22, 2015

Some Fun Earth Day Facts

1. Earth day was founded by Atheists, hard core socialists, and communists…. oh…. and also one guy who murdered his girl friend. 


2.  Earth day is set to be observed annually on April 22, which,  COINCIDENTALLY,  *wink wink* is the birthday of the great and awesome Russian leader Vladimir Lenin.  And by great and awesome,  I mean a mass murdering psychopath.  And by leader,  I mean a ruthless tyrant. 

But still,  even though Lenin was a revered icon and hero to the founders/organizers of Earth Day AND the fact that the very first Earth Day in 1970 JUST HAPPENED to be on Lenin’s 100th birthday….. means NOTHING.

Just kidding.  It’s a total tribute to the King of Communism.

3.  The agenda set forth to celebrate Earth Day is one of worshiping mother earth and nature…..which completely goes against Biblical teachings…..which… makes it that much more appealing to liberals across the land…so win/win/win for them……..And lose/lose/lose for the actual EARTH…..which brings us to number 4 on list of Earth Day facts.

4. Ironically enough, the one thing that suffers the most anytime liberals/socialists gather to celebrate and/or protest ANYTHING is the EARTH. 

First,  the delightful aroma of hippies, envirowackos, liberals, commies, etc etc gathering in one area is enough to make anyone give in to their demands if they just promise to disperse and leave the scene….. I’m pretty sure the air quality at any given assembly of leftists is much worse than anything they could be protesting. 

Second, they are so exhausted from smoking dope PROTESTING the polluting and trashing of Mother Earth,  that they just don’t have the energy to actually clean up any of their own trash generated at such events.

Earth Day Celebrations Across The Land

Exhibit Aimage

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

5. The environmental movement is one of the dirtiest tricks ever played on mankind. It has nothing to do with making the world cleaner or better for humans. It’s driven by a socialist and anti freedom, anti God agenda.

There you have it. Just a few little Earth Day Facts that a very large portion of the population isn’t even aware of.

However, I realize that the powers that be will ignore these little inconvenient truths… except Barack Obama…. I suspect he gets slightly jealous about the whole Lenin having his own day and all.

And in all fairness, if we celebrate Lenin’s birthday as “Earth Day”, then it only makes sense we should designate Obama’s birthday as Uranus Day.

  1. Jacqueline Brown permalink

    I LOVE your informative and witty posts. Had to laugh out loud at the ending! Good to see you at it again..,

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Awesome! Inconvenient truths for many folks!!!

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