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Black Lives Matter, How One White Supremacist is Still Killing Blacks, and The Confederate Flag Outrage

June 30, 2015

What would you say about a very wealthy white woman who, in the 20th century, 50-100 years AFTER slavery ended, did the following:

-claimed blacks were an inferior race

-put into motion plans to eradicate the black population

-met with KKK members, giving speeches on to solve the problem of the “negro”

-knew she couldn’t just out right kill the blacks herself, so she did the next best thing….used her wealth and power to conspire to kill blacks before they were able to be born.

-used black community leaders to convince the pregnant black women to kill the babies they were carrying, as she thought the best way to get rid of an inferior group would be to stop them from reproducing.

-started a massive organization that would continue her legacy to kill the “undesirables” long after she was dead…..

Her organization:

* kills more black people in 3 days than the KKK did in their entire existence.

*receives government funds to continue their legacy of downsizing the black population.

*places their clinics in primarily minority neighborhoods to easier reach their “targets”…young black women.

*gives an award each year to a prominent person, usually in the government, who helps further the works of their founder.

What would you say about this woman?

Would you say she’s vile? She’s racist? She’s hateful? Maybe even evil?

Would you want to be associated with her? Would you accept an award in her honor?

What would you say about someone who DID accept the award for furthering her work? What would you say if that person GLADLY accepts the award and even says they ADMIRE this hateful and racist woman?

What would enrage you more? A flag that you think represents racists or an actual RACIST?

The horrible woman who did all these things was a wealthy white woman named Margaret Sanger.

She was a vile, immoral, and hateful racist.

The organization she founded to help eradicate the black population was Planned Parenthood.

And the award recipient, (The Margaret Sanger Award ) was none other than Hillary Clinton.

That’s the truth. And Clinton even said of her:

“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision…”

“I am really in awe of her”

Yes, while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton accepted the Margaret Sanger award and said these lovely words about her.

If the Confederate flag offends you, that’s fine and your offense might even be justified in your situation. But, if it offends you more than Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, or Hillary Clinton, then you will never be taken seriously. The outrage is for show and probably fake.

If you rally against a piece of cloth on a stick MORE than the actual racists themselves…. then racism doesn’t really offend you. So maybe now is the time to stop pretending to actually oppose racism. Just admit it’s easier to go along with every cool new trend of banning this and banning that and marching against whatever the media tells you to, than to actually think for yourself, be yourself and get passionate about REAL problems.


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