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3 Important Things to Understand Prior to Ted Cruz’s Speech at the 2016 RNC

July 20, 2016

3 Important Things to Understand Prior to Ted Cruz’s 2016 RNC Speech in Cleveland Tonight


3 Important Things to Understand Prior to Ted Cruz’s RNC Speech in Cleveland Tonight

1. The main focus of Senator Ted Cruz’s speech tonight will be an adherence to Constitutional Conservatism. He will encourage the party to be careful about straying from that one major pillar that holds it up. I mean, let’s face it, the whole party is REALLY shaky right now. And with the blatant bullying, mistreatment of delegates, and rule breaking from the RNC establishment this week, the whole party is starting to crumble and cave….with even Trump supporters and donors jumping ship in protest of establishment’s power grab.

No, the Cruz speech won’t be what makes or breaks the party. But, the RECEPTION of his words and how they are treated by those who are suppose to be on the same team with him, his fellow Republicans, WILL either be the nail in the coffin of the party, or will, at best, keep it on life support a little longer.

2. How Senator Cruz is treated during his speech WILL matter.

I like to have faith in humanity, but I’m afraid past behavior is too much of an indicator here. There are way too many Trump hero worshipers who can’t see the forest for the trees and can’t see how much damage they do to their own candidate by their hatred and disrespect for anyone who doesn’t plant their lips squarely on Donald’s bum. Disrespecting Cruz tonight is about the dumbest thing anyone on that convention floor (or commenting on Twitter) can do. What’s the purpose? HOW THE HECK DOES THAT HELP TRUMP OR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY? I want to know. It’s almost like they DON’T WANT their candidate to get the required number of votes he will need come November. It’s almost like they are trying to sabotage their own guy.

Bottom line here is one question. Is your hatred of Cruz and Conservatives greater than your intolerance for a Hillary Presidency?

I guess we’ll know tonight.

3. Ted Cruz will not endorse Donald Trump. He probably won’t even mention him. So everyone can go ahead and practice getting their panties out of a wad so they are not disappointed later.

It’s not the end of the world. Reagan didn’t endorse Nominee Ford in his 1976 convention speech. As a matter of fact, he never endorsed him.

And Trump doesn’t NEED a Cruz endorsement. It wouldn’t really help him because MOST Cruz supporters vote according to their principles and their own research anyways. They don’t vote the way they are TOLD to by anyone. They vote the way their brains and conscience dictate. For most of them, a vote for Trump will have to be EARNED. I’m sorry if you have already committed to him and didn’t make him earn your vote. Or maybe his sheer star power or the fact that he isn’t Hillary has already earned it for you. Good. Not everyone votes according to the same stipulations.

But, what Donald Trump DOES need are the votes of the conservative base who largely supported other candidates besides Trump, including Cruz. Trump SAYS he doesn’t need the vote of the conservative wing of the party. (Which can be argued that it is more than a wing and constitutes the BASE….), but he may want to talk to Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney before completely alienating them.

Just Saying.


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