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I am just a southern girl with a little bit of common sense…I’m a mom, teacher, Christian, wife and patriot. I love my God, family, friends and my country.

I am not really a writer, I am a talker, but until I can figure out how to podcast on wordpress….you all will have to suffer through my pitiful attempts at writing…

Thank you for visiting my page!

  1. Jill,

    You have genuinely impressed me watching you as a fellow teacher at LCA … and most of all you positively impressed at least 90+% of your students … my own daughter included.

    I am glad you are doing this and just keep it up. Take it to the next level and who knows what God holds for you in your future. Just be assured He has BIG plans for all of us and they are all GOOD!!

    God bless!

    Gary Madden

  2. Michele permalink

    I am so impressed with your land mass response. I read it aloud to my family. Thank you, From an educator married to a retired Navy Chief.

  3. Faye permalink

    I read this to my husband and we both enjoyed it! We both think you do pretty good writing…that is, for a southern girl!

  4. Sue Hoffman permalink

    Loved your post about our Landmass. You should be a writer. I was beginning to wonder if Jill Conner Brown had changed her name. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Kathleen B permalink

    I have greatly missed getting your posts in my email. So glad to see you back!

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